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Financially Alive – By Chris Meade, PhD

Financially Alive: Wealth Creation. Social Responsibility. Timeless Values. Is it possible to not just survive but actually thrive in this new economy? Dr. Chris Meade is convinced we can. Financially Alive is a strategy for creating wealth in several areas … Continue reading

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Being Healthy Is The New Competitive Advantage

Investing in your own personal, professional, and spiritual formation is something people and healthy organizations never regret. Life promises to change like the four seasons each year. But one thing is for sure, the changes that take place in us … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Leader

A New Kind Of Leader “The global nature of the 21st century promises to unfold an unimaginable culture shift upon the world’s landscape. This emerging culture shift will initiate unprecedented change, forge immense challenges, and fuel boundless opportunity. Change begets … Continue reading

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Becoming A Kaizen Leader

Leadership is a constantly unfolding process. Our current skill level as leaders may be good enough for today, but it won’t be adequate for next year. Many well-meaning leaders can drift into a delusional mindset that they have “arrived.” The … Continue reading

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