Financially Alive – By Chris Meade, PhD

Financially Alive: Wealth Creation. Social Responsibility. Timeless Values.
Is it possible to not just survive but actually thrive in this new economy? Dr. Chris Meade is convinced we can. Financially Alive is a strategy for creating wealth in several areas oFinanciallyAlive.comf our lives AND it’s about being socially responsive with our influence to help meet the needs of others through generosity and justice. Creating wealth begins first by creating value. The wrong question to ask is “How much money can I make?” The right question is “How much value can I add?” Money often follows added value. This book unpacks 15 unique and non-negotiable characteristics that add incredible value in relationships, work, and life. And with added value, financial increase often follows. This insightful and inspirational book is a mix of ancient wisdom literature, modern MBA business thinking, and 21st century success principles. This book is more than just about making money; it’s about how to make a life. Product Details: Paperback 300 pages ($19.95)

About Chris Meade, PhD

Speaker. Author. Professor. Entrepreneur. Leader-Builder.
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