A Call For Change by Chris Meade

Excerpt From the Intro to Financially Alive

Even kids recognize that the world is rapidly changing. Some of those changes are good and some not so good. In the midst of full-blown global change, there is a new generational uprising that is calling for a new way of “doing business.” If you listen carefully, if you watch the viral videos circling Youtube, many are calling for all sectors of culture: business, education, science technology, government, media, art, entertainment, and the church, to step-up and contribute positive change into our society. The reverberations are echoing through the classrooms in major business schools across our country. Classes on ethics and character development are fast becoming a central core course in almost all business programs. Why? Because our world is facing a crisis. There is a lack of ethical leadership in all sectors of society.[1] We need strong character in our leaders. That’s why the new normal for measuring success in many business schools is what is called the triple bottom line (profit, people, and planet).

The Triple Bottom Line

The WallStreet Journal recently ran an article on the health of Harvard University’s MBA program. It said that business schools, if they are to remain relevant in the new economy, must focus on creating “leaders of competence and character, rather that just connections and credentials.”[2] Business as usual is no longer a viable option. It’s not just a social foul-ball to be focused only on attaining financial profits as your only measurement for success (even in publically-traded companies), but now it’s a game-breaker and a indicator of a short-sighted and anemic enterprise. Yes, financial profits matter. But people matter too. That means people inside the organization as well as outside (customers, suppliers, stakeholders, competitors, even other countries). To be considered “successful” in the new economy profits and people must flourish, but not just people, and profits, but also our planet.

[1] Eastman, P. (2009). The character of leadership: An ancient model for a quantum age. Boise, ID: Leadership Advisors, Inc.
[2] The WallStreet Journal Online. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704124504576118674203902898.html?

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