A New Kind of Leader

A New Kind Of Leader

“The global nature of the 21st century promises to unfold an unimaginable culture shift upon the world’s landscape. This emerging culture shift will initiate unprecedented change, forge immense challenges, and fuel boundless opportunity. Change begets uncertainty. Uncertainty creates challenges. Challenges generate the possibility for innovative opportunity.

We’re now living in the most demanding and perplexing times leaders have ever faced. Because contemporary culture is changing, new methodology and practices are needed to better inspire, educate, and train, new and emerging leaders of the 21st century. In every decade there are unique forces of change at work affecting the cultural landscape. Numerous challenges arise from the emergence of a new social era, an era that is replacing the industrial age which has influenced all of society’s institutions for generations.

The leader of the 21st century will be one who can discern and contextualize those challenges. Many leadership models once popular, and the mainstay in the United States, are becoming ineffective within this changing culture. Simply put, for opportunities to be seized, this new culture demands the emergence of a new kind of leader with a new approach to leadership. This leader must possess a unique combination of attributes, intelligences, and personal characteristics to effectively lead.

At the same time, most emerging leaders are suffering from the effects of “leadership competency overload.” Therefore, one aim of this book (Leadership Alive) is to address that problem and identify the core and catalytic competencies effective 21st century Christian leaders will need to employ. Providing clarity and a proven strategy for developing and training new kinds of leaders is vital. This book suggests a recommended priority list of leadership competencies that should be developed first” (preface).


About Chris Meade, PhD

Speaker. Author. Professor. Entrepreneur. Leader-Builder.
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